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Motivation: The Keys to Success in Real Estate Investing

Trio of Darts Hitting the Target’s BullseyeStaying motivated is fundamental to success in real estate investing in Mineola. But it can be really difficult to stay motivated. There are times where life just messes you up and gets in the way of important investing tasks that you have to do. If this happens too often, you’d quickly lose the energy and determination that property investing requires. Inspirational speakers and authors would have you believe that there’s an instant or magic fix to a lack of motivation. That’s a very simplistic way of looking at it and it is, at best, a misrepresentation of what motivation is. Sustaining motivation is a habit that can be learned. Just like how the physical body responds to exercise, so does motivation improve with practice. After combing through the myriad advice on this topic, we’ve chosen a few really important and useful tips. Here are five key ways that property investors can use to find and sustain the motivation you need to succeed.

1.     Visualize Your Goals

The secret to most entrepreneurial success is setting goals. But there is an exercise you can do that is more powerful, and that is to visualize your goals as if you had already achieved them. Professional athletes do this all the time. They visualize their performance before they ever take the field. Now, if you can see and feel your goals in your head, you will be more capable to stay on track to reach them.

2.     Set Intermediary Objectives

Goals come in different sizes. Sometimes if the goals are too big, it can seem overwhelming and makes us lose focus, especially if it takes too long to achieve them. One pro tip is to break large goals down into smaller intermediary objectives that you can achieve more quickly, and then when you do achieve them, give yourself a reward. This is often called “chunking.” It has also been used by life coaches and motivational gurus to create a positive feedback loop. Similar to how feedback happens when you hold a microphone to a speaker, and the volume builds up until you get a loud shrill sound; the achievement and reward cycle just builds up continuously, inspiring you to do more.

3.     Strategize with Flexibility

Achieving our goals exactly according to plan probably happens only in the movies. The truth is, it rarely happens. Things change so much and so often, which could easily put our carefully-thought-out investing strategy at risk. Every time life throws roadblocks at you, the most significant thing to recall is to remain flexible. When your original plan falls through, adjust and adapt. Don’t be too shy to ask for the support of others to come up with creative solutions.

4.     Plan to Fail

You are going to get tired, lose interest, and want to quit. It happens to each one of us at some point or another in life. Nevertheless, at any given time you feel overwhelmed, you can overcome it easily if you’ve worked out beforehand how to contend with times when you just don’t feel motivated. You could possibly try collecting inspirational examples of extreme endurance to make you put things into perspective. Or enable yourself to have a period to rest and recharge. No matter what you do, just don’t give up!

5.     Find Your Reasons

Why are you a property investor? If you can’t reply to that question and answer it with spirit, consider taking time off to identify what your reasons are. Real estate investing is a marathon, not a sprint, and hence it’s critical to cultivate a long-term view to help sustain motivation. With good and very clearly-stated reasons, you can use them to remind yourself of your “why” so as to always continue moving toward your goals.

In Conclusion

In all likelihood, the most critical component to understand regarding motivation is that it is a very personal thing. Thus it is imperative to find out what helps motivate you in moving toward your goals. One thing that each investor can do is delegate many time-consuming tasks, like property management, to qualified experts. At Real Property Management Landmark, we assist property investors to care for and protect their rental homes in Mineola, freeing you to pursue your larger investing goals. Contact us or call us at 516-522-2859 to learn more about this.

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